SpecTek NAND Flash Component Overview
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NAND Flash Component Overview

Whether it's MP3 devices, USB drives, or cell phones...our NAND Flash components deliver exceptional performance for your applications.
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NAND Flash News

    USB Storage Device with SpecTek Components

    SpecTek has entered the NAND market with an aggressive development strategy to support a rapidly expanding market. Our competitive SLC 2Gb NAND device is the first step in that strategy.

    SpecTek’s NAND Flash memory uses an industry-proven floating gate NAND cell. Plus, it provides a standard interface for pin and function drop-in compatibility and easy integration into most existing designs.

    With growth in today’s NAND market being driven largely by Flash memory cards, USB Flash drives, MP3 players, cellular phones, and other portable devices, SpecTek is ready to deliver. We’re building on a tradition of low-cost memory, as we work on rolling out a versatile product road map to support application-specific NAND Flash solutions.

    SpecTek NAND material is built into three possible configurations:
    • SDP (Single Die per Package) contains a single die that has the potential of up to 2Gbit (2048 blocks) or 4Gbit (4096 blocks) depending on the Design ID.
    • DDP (Dual Die per Package) contains two dies or twice the potential Gigabits.
    • QDP (Quad Die per Package) contains four dies or four times the potential Gigabits.
    NAND Technologies:
    • SLC (Single-Level Cell) each cell stores a single bit of information.
    • MLC (Mutli-Level Cell) each cell stores 2-bits of information.