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About SpecTek


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As a wholly owned division of Micron Technology, SpecTek is a global leader in its own right—developing and integrating cost-effective memory solutions for PCs and consumer electronics. The company‚Äôs goal is to design and manufacture products with the whole system in mind, providing memory solutions that are the best match for the needs of the application.


SpecTek began at Micron in 1988 as a component-recovery group. In the two decades since its inception, the company has grown from an internal group to a manufacturing division; that experience has produced a product portfolio and reputation that makes SpecTek a leader in application-specific memory solutions.

The SpecTek brand was launched in 1996, and today it is well known throughout the world. SpecTek manufacturing occurs throughout the Micron family of manufacturing facilities that are located around the world. This includes, but is not limited to, Xian, China; Boise, Idaho; and Singapore. All R&D, marketing, and management resides at the Micron headquarters in Boise, Idaho (USA), which supplies an unlimited resource base with daily access to the Micron technical and production management team.


The SpecTek senior leadership team is made up of veteran Micron Technology personnel whose commitment to quality and ingenuity manifests itself in our portfolio of forward-thinking products and services.

Contact Information

The sale of SpecTek products is through the Micron Regional Sales Office. Inquiries about product solutions can be addressed to our Product Development and Marketing Engineering team.