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-- 03/29/2010 [NAND Flash News] --

New Marketing Part Numbers for NAND Flash

In order to better accommodate the various package configurations and package partial types, SpecTek is introducing a NEW marketing part number scheme for our NAND Flash product. The previous method contains 13 main characters and two grade characters (e.g. FTNL63B51K3PG-AF). The NEW method contains 16 main characters and up to four grade characters (e.g. FTNL74A61K3BABWP-AF15).
The previous function of the 13th character is now divided between the 12th and 13th characters. The 12th character now shows the number of Die per package, number of CE pins (and their respective R/B pins), and if there is a single I/O bus or dual I/O buses. The 13th will indicate if there is any partial-by-package configurations or if whole package configuration is valid (i.e. code = ‘A’).
The 14th character signifies the NAND Interface: Asynchronous, Synchronous, or SPI.
The 15th and 16th characters signify the package code, e.g. TSOP-I CPL, TSOP-I OCPL, LLGA or BGA.
Two new optional characters have been added to the very end of the older part number to signify the Synchronous clock rates and will only be present for Synchronous parts.
The new part number system will be in effect on April 6th 2010. By just counting the number of main characters in a part number, you will be able to determine which method is being used. Please see the following link for details (http://www.spectek.com/pdfs/SpecTek_pns_Flash.pdf).