SpecTek Rapid RMA Resolution / Quality Support System Overview
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SpecTek Rapid RMA Resolution [R3] / Quality Support System Overview

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SpecTek has developed a rapid response to customer issues caused by non-conforming product. We are committed to reducing the cycle timei of problem resolution.

A SpecTek.com user account is required to enter the [R3] system.

Upon entering the system, you will be asked to select a product family from a drop down menu. The next selection from a drop down window is a descriptor of the type of problem you are experiencing.

  • Electrical/Performance Problems:

    When problems occur that are considered to be electrical/test failures, SpecTek requests a so-called "data-burst" [db] and simultaneous Sample RMA. Essentially, that means a questionnaire must be completed by you when you encounter a problem and you must send a sample to SpecTek immediately.

    Databurst [db]:

    We have identified a set of questions that our engineers have deemed necessary to get a "running start" at the problem. We wish to eliminate the customary notification system and the niceties that consume valuable time. When you encounter a problem, we want you to answer as many questions as you can, with the understanding that more is better.

    Upon completion of this web based questionnaire you will receive an email of the completed questionnaire and an issue number. Your Product Quality Manager (PQM), SpecTek Section Manager and Development Engineering Managers will, simultaneously, receive emails of your complaint. The PQM will become the clearing house and liaison with SpecTek personnel and your Sales representative. Your Sales representative is authorized to approve sample RMA numbers immediately upon request. The intention of this action is to focus the issue.

    Sample RMA:

    Also, we want you to send a sample of the problems to us immediately. Ideally, we want samples of failures and passers. The size of the sample is a subjective call. The maximum would be one (1) tray each of failures and passers; the minimum may be 5-10 failing and passing components. It is best if the passers and the failures are identified thus eliminating confusion when they arrive at the engineering bench.

    Samples must be sent to the following address exclusively:
    1160 EXCHANGE ST, DOCK 1C/1D
    BOISE, ID 83716

    Tel: 1-208-368-2502
    Sample RMA labeling:

    An RMA number will not be necessary to send the sample, but your Sales representative must be notified as quickly as possible and she will generate an RMA number for the sample, the details of which you will supply; an RMA number will be generated immediately or while the sample is en-route.

    When the sample package is prepared for shipment, it will be very helpful if you write the sample RMA number on it. If you do not have a sample RMA number at the time of shipping, DO NOT WAIT for one. Write the words "SAMPLE RMA" on the package. Either way guarantees delivery to SpecTek engineering.

    To maintain traceability, please include the Rapid RMA Resolution Issue ID number or include a copy of the confirming email that you receive after entering the data.

  • Mechanical Problems:

    Please note that there is an option to select mechanical problems, e.g., bent leads, cracked packages, etc.

    Photographs are best when it comes to this type of problem. Upon completion of the [R3] questionnaire, you will receive an email confirmation that includes instructions to whom these types of attachments can be forwarded to.

  • Administrative Problems:

    A third choice available on the drop down menu is Administration Problems, e.g., wrong P/N or quantity, wrong price, etc. Your contacts with this type of problem should be your ISR and RSM only. The Sales department has exclusive responsibility to resolve these problems.

A word of caution: The advantage of the RMA number assignment is the ability to track, receive, and process the sample associated with it. If the complaint is validated and if the product is to be returned to SpecTek, a new and distinct RMA number for the balance of the product will be generated.

When we arrive at this point it becomes the joint responsibility of the (1) SpecTek technical group, (2) Sales group, and the (3) customer, in that order, to assure closure of the process.

Important: RMA numbers have a 60-day lifetime. That means the RMA shipment must be sent within the 60-day period. If it is not shipped, the RMA will be canceled and a new RMA number will be issued. We encourage you to ship RMAs promptly to ensure rapid resolution and credit upon receipt.

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i Our geographical differences magnify the cycle time issues.