SpecTek Motherboard Qualification Overview
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Motherboard Qualification Overview

Is Your Motherboard SpecTek Qualified?

If you build your own line of private label PCs you know that all motherboards are not alike. There can be subtle differences in motherboard designs and revisions that can bring your production line to a halt. With this in mind the last thing you need is a memory compatibility issue. That's why SpecTek's memory engineering group performs rigorous qualification tests of our PC memory products on a variety of motherboards from major vendors worldwide. We want to make sure that your brand of motherboard is compatible with SpecTek's PC memory products.

SpecTek Qualified Motherboards

SpecTek continuously maintains and updates a list of qualified motherboards. Our motherboard qualification process exercises our SpecTek memory in your motherboard using industry standard and proprietary test software such as HCT, RamExam, Winstone, QA Plus, PC Diagnostics, and RST. We do this to insure that SpecTek's memory products are compatible with your PC products. Although we try to keep the list as updated as possible, there may be a motherboard vendor that we have not included, this does not imply incompatibility. If your motherboard is not on this list, we are willing to perform SpecTek qualification tests for you at no charge.

We Know Memory and PCs

When you buy a SpecTek memory module, you're not just buying a memory module; you're getting the commitment and the expertise behind the SpecTek name. As a division of the worlds largest memory manufacturer and a long close working history with a PC company, once part of the Micron family, we're truly experts on how memory works in PC applications.

If you have a motherboard that you would like SpecTek to approve, please contact us.