SpecTek RMA Policy
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SpecTek RMA Policy

Revision Date: October 9, 2012

Note: SpecTek will be referred to as Seller in this document.

Allegedly defective products may be returned only by the company or individual that purchased the products directly from Seller. Any attempt to repair, modify, or alter the original state of the product1 by any person or company not authorized to do so, in writing, by Seller will void the product warranty.

Seller does not offer a warranty on products damaged as a result of mishandling by anyone other than a Seller's employee or authorized agent. If defective products are properly returned (as specified below) to Seller, Seller will issue customer a credit for the original purchase price for such products, unless the parties agree otherwise in writing.

Understanding SpecTek's Warranty:

It is important to understand that SpecTek's warranty declares and defines the warranty period as 1-year from the purchase date.

Requesting an RMA Number:

A Return Material Request form must be completely filled out for all return requests, including:

  1. Specific reason for return
  2. Invoice and/or Sales Order Number including their date2 of creation
  3. Full SpecTek Part Number (Must match what is actually returned)
  4. Quantity (Must match what is actually returned)3

After its receipt of the Return Material Request form, the Seller Sales representative will determine the time interval between the sales date and the request date to determine if the warranty period is in force. If it is, a Return Material Authorization (RMA)4 number will be issued.

Condition of Returned Product:

Products will be accepted by Seller for warranty claim verification only when returned by Customer in a condition that allows for suitable testing by Seller.

  • Note 1: The condition of component leads is of paramount importance. The automated test equipment used to test components is extremely expensive and very sensitive to the lead condition. Therefore, leads, balls, or memory modules that are contaminated with any foreign matter, especially sticky residues, CANNOT be tested and/or processed, e.g., dereeling/handling. Damage to sockets not only creates a repair/replacement expense, but a loss of production time.
  • Note 2: SpecTek strongly discourages the use of ANY sticky substances on or near its product that is to be returned, e.g., tape, flux, etc.

Therefore, it is the customer's sole responsibility to make certain that the leads of returned product are in the same condition as they were when received in the Tape & Reel medium. A refund or credit for returned material that Seller cannot test due to the above issues will not be granted.

If the returned product does not conform to the above requirements, Seller retains the right to return it to the customer, freight collect.

Packaging the Returned Product:

RMA products must be packaged in accordance to the Seller ESD Guidelines to minimize potential Electro Static Discharge (ESD) damage during shipment. The ESD guideline applies to all personnel and customers involved in handling, buying, shipping, receiving and storing Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), Integrated Circuits (ICs), and other ESD sensitive products.

Make certain that:

  1. the exact number of specific parts authorized by the RMA are returned;
  2. modules must have all stickers, and markings; and
  3. the RMA number must be boldly written on the outer packing container.

If the returned product does not conform to the above requirements, Seller retains the right to return it to the customer, freight collect.

RMAs Address:

BOISE, ID 83716

Tel: 1-208-368-2502

Note carefully: Failure to send RMA material to this address will result in undesirable and unproductive delays. Do NOT send a shipment to any other address UNLESS you are given specific, written, instructions to do so.

RMA Number Expiration:

IMPORTANT: RMA numbers will automatically expire 60-calendar days after issuance.

If an RMA shipment has not been shipped 60-calendar days after its issue, the RMA number is subject to automatic cancellation. If this happens, the customer must apply for a new RMA number.

Your cooperation with this policy will assist us in issuing credit and responding to failure analysis requests in a timely manner. If you have any questions or concerns with this policy please feel free to contact SpecTek management or your company representative.

1 Seller acknowledges the buyer's right to affect some changes to the devices purchased inherent in assembling the Seller's component into another device, e.g., memory module, video card, etc. However, returned components must be cleaned to be tested.

2 The format of writing a date in the USA is mm/dd/yyyy, e.g., the revision date near the top of the page = 10/09/2012

3 If there is a discrepancy in what is declared on the RMA sheet and what is counted by Seller's personnel, the Seller count will prevail.

4 Also referred to as Return to Vendor (RTV)